Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Discontinued Operations

Discontinued Operations
3 Months Ended
Nov. 30, 2021
Discontinued Operations and Disposal Groups [Abstract]  
Discontinued Operations Discontinued Operations
On January 3, 2020, the Company executed an asset purchase agreement assigning client contracts comprising approximately 88% of its quarterly revenue through the date of the transaction, including 100% of its existing professional employer organization (“PEO”) business effective as of December 31, 2019, and transferring $1.5 million of working capital assets, including cash balances and certain operating assets associated with the assigned client contracts included in the agreement, to a wholly owned subsidiary of Vensure (the “Vensure Asset Sale”). Gross proceeds from the Vensure Asset Sale were $19.2 million, of which $9.7 million was received at closing and $9.5 million was scheduled to be paid out in equal monthly payments over the four years following the closing of the transaction (the “Note Receivable”), subject to adjustments for working capital and customer retention, (as measured by a gross wage guarantee included in the governing agreement), over the twelve month period following the Vensure Asset Sale.

For Fiscal 2020, the Company estimated the value of the Note Receivable at fair value as discussed in Note 2, Summary of Significant Accounting Policies, above. For the three months ended November 30, 2021, the Company recorded the Note Receivable based on our estimate of expected collections which, in turn, was based on additional information obtained through
discussions with Vensure and evaluation of our records. On March 12, 2021, the Company received correspondence from Vensure proposing approximately $10.7 million of working capital adjustments under the terms of the Vensure Asset Sale agreement which, if accepted, would have had the impact of eliminating any sums owed to the Company under the Note Receivable. As indicated in the reconciliation table below, the Company has recorded $2.6 million of working capital adjustments, subject to final review and acceptance, and has provided for an additional reserve of $2.9 million for potential claims. By letter dated April 6, 2021, the Company disputed Vensure’s proposed adjustments.The disputes between the Company and Vensure regarding working capital adjustments under the Vensure Asset Sale agreement are currently the subject of litigation pending in the Delaware Chancery Court, as discussed at Note 11, Contingencies, Vensure Litigation, below.
The following is a reconciliation of the gross proceeds to the net proceeds from the Vensure Asset Sale as presented in the balance sheet for the period ended November 30, 2021.
Gross proceeds $ 19,166,000 
Cash received at closing – asset sale (9,500,000)
Cash received at closing – working capital (166,000)
Gross note receivable $ 9,500,000 
Less:  Transaction reconciliation – estimated working capital adjustments (2,604,000)
Adjusted Note Receivable 6,896,000 
Reserve for estimated potential claims (2,892,000)
Long-term note receivable, estimated net realizable value $ 4,004,000 
The entire Note Receivable is recorded as a long term note receivable as of November 30, 2021. Any adjustments to the Note Receivable are applied against payments in the order they are due to be paid. As such, the estimates of the working capital and reserves for estimated potential claims would not result in any cash payments due to the Company until later in Fiscal 2022.
The Vensure Asset Sale generated a gain of $15.6 million for Fiscal 2020. The Company expected a minimal tax impact from the Vensure Asset Sale as it utilized its net operating losses accumulated since inception to offset the gain resulting from discontinued operations tax provision with a corresponding offset to the valuation allowance.
The Vensure Asset Sale met the criteria of discontinued operations set forth in ASC 205 and as such the Company has reclassified its discontinued operations for all periods presented and has excluded the results of its discontinued operations from continuing operations for all periods presented.
The terms of the Vensure Asset Sale call for adjustments to the Note Receivable either for: (i) working capital adjustments or (ii) in the event that the gross wages of the business transferred is less than the required amount.

(i) Working capital adjustments: Through November 30, 2021, the Company has identified $2.6 million of likely working capital adjustments, including $88,000 related to lower net assets transferred at closing, and $2.5 million of cash remitted to the Company’s bank accounts, net of cash remitted to Vensure’s bank accounts. Under the terms of the Vensure Asset Sale, a reconciliation of the working capital was to have been completed by April 15, 2020. Due to operational difficulties and quarantined staff caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, Vensure requested a postponement of the working capital reconciliation that was due in Fiscal 2020. Although Vensure provided the Company with its working capital reconciliation on March 12, 2021, it failed to provide adequate documentation to support its calculations. Accordingly, the working capital adjustment recorded as of November 30, 2021, represents the Company’s estimate of the reconciliation adjustment by using Vensure’s claims and the limited supporting information Vensure provided as a starting point, and then making adjustments for amounts in dispute based upon our internal records and best estimates. There is no assurance that the working capital change identified as of November 30, 2021 represents the final working capital adjustment.

(ii) Gross billings adjustment: Under the terms of the Vensure Asset Sale, the proceeds of the transaction are reduced if the actual gross wages of customers transferred for Calendar 2020 are less than 90% of those customers’ Calendar 2019 gross wages. The Company has prepared an estimate of the Calendar 2020 gross wages based on a combination of factors including reports of actual transferred client billings in early Calendar 2020, actual gross wages of continuing customers of the Company, publicly available unemployment reports for the Southern California markets and the relevant COVID-19 impacts on employment levels, and other information. Based on the information available, the Company estimated that it would receive additional consideration below the required threshold and reduced the
contingent consideration by $1.4 million. Vensure has not identified any such adjustments to date. Based on the information available, the Company reclassified the previously recorded gross wages claim to a general potential claims reserve during Fiscal 2021. No additional adjustment was made during the three months ended November 30, 2021.

The carrying amounts of the classes of assets and liabilities from the Vensure Asset Sale included in discontinued operations are as follows:

November 30,
August 31,
Cash $ —  $ — 
Accounts receivable and unbilled account receivable —  — 
Prepaid expenses and other current assets —  — 
Deposits – workers’ compensation 243,000  356,000 
Total current assets 243,000  356,000 
Fixed assets, net —  — 
Deposits – workers’ compensation 627,000  883,000 
Total assets $ 870,000  $ 1,239,000 
Accounts payable and other current liabilities $ —  $ — 
Payroll related liabilities —  — 
Accrued workers’ compensation cost 1,414,000  1,516,000 
Total current liabilities 1,414,000  1,516,000 
Accrued workers’ compensation cost 3,631,000  3,765,000 
Total liabilities 5,045,000  5,281,000 
Net liability $ (4,175,000) $ (4,042,000)

Reported results for the discontinued operations by period were as follows:
 For the Quarter Ended
November 30, 2021 November 30, 2020
Revenues $ —  $ — 
Cost of revenue 133,000  1,314,000 
Gross profit (133,000) (1,314,000)
Operating expenses:
Salaries, wages and payroll taxes —  — 
Commissions —  — 
Total operating expenses —  — 
(Loss) income from discontinued operations $ (133,000) $ (1,314,000)