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An Innovative Platform for the Gig Economy

ShiftPixy is revolutionizing human capital management in the Gig Economy. Our mobile platform allows businesses to connect with ready-for-hire workers while improving efficiency and reducing administrative tasks.

SPAC Leverage – A new use case

The work which began early this year to position the company on a path to exponential growth leverages the use of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies to create “Mega Clients” for ShiftPixy. While the SPAC market has slowed somewhat, the investor community has become better focused on outcomes and fundamentals. In discussing our strategy with our partners in the capital markets, the idea of a small public company using SPACs in this way to hypercharge the growth of the sponsor became very interesting. This use case is novel, and the outcomes are fundamentally winners in the capital markets. On October 20, ShiftPixy’s first sponsored SPAC Industrial Human Capital (IHC) began trading on the NYSE following a $100M IPO.

The economic impact for ShiftPixy through sponsorship and as a primary vendor is expected to be extraordinary. This high value impact also aligns the success of the sponsor with the SPAC outcomes in a way that is not typical of a SPAC transaction.

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Q3 2022

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Transforming Human Capital Management With Modern Technology

ShiftPixy provides a disruptive human capital management platform, revolutionizing employment in the Gig Economy by delivering a next-gen mobile engagement technology to help businesses with shift-based employees navigate regulatory mandates, minimize administrative burdens and better connect with a ready-for-hire workforce. With expertise rooted in management's nearly 25 years of workers' compensation and compliance programs experience, ShiftPixy adds a needed layer for addressing compliance and continued demands for equitable employment practices in the growing Gig Economy.

ShiftPixy, Inc. at a Glance


U.S. Workers Are Self Employed In 2019


Use Online Platforms


Of the U.S. Workforce By 2027 Will Be Independent

Statista, MBO Partners State of Independence 2020 Report, FinancesOnline

ShiftPixy’s Growth Year-over-Year

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Explore the Benefits of ShiftPixy’s Platform

Business Owners

Our platform allows businesses to thrive in the Gig Economy. With our ecosystem, operators can reduce turnover, manage work schedules, minimize administrative tasks and stay compliant with regulations.

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Ready-for-Hire Workers

ShiftPixy’s platform gives workers the freedom and flexibility they crave. Within the mobile app, workers can create their schedules, switch shifts with other workers and manage their time sheet.

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Through ZiPixy, businesses can bypass third-party food delivery platforms allowing them to control the customer experience. Our platform allows a uniformed team member trained by the business to handle food deliveries.

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